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Good friends can be hard to come by, but Fredericksburg, Virginia, resident Larry Haubner has friends willing to make sure he spends the rest of his long life in comfort.

Larry is a senior citizen who maintains a vigorous excercise routine. More precisely Larry is 107 years old, and almost too healthy for his own good. Social security and money from his life savings kept him comfortably housed at Greenfield Assisted Living until 2007. Larry’s friends and the community rallied to make up the difference.

Today Larry faces a similar crisis as the previous fundraising has run dry. This time the community has expanded the call to the internet andFacebook.

Larry’s story is a reminder that while life can be short, friendships can be enduring. Larry has touched many lives through his warm personality and charm and now his life is benefiting from the generosity of others. Life should be about spending time with those who care about you, not worrying about your finances. Get in touch with us, your local agency, today and we’ll help you wherever you’re at, so you can stop worrying and start living again.