A Challenging Climb

What would cause someone to tackle the legendary Appalachian trail? For Trevor Thomas it was proving to himself that macular degeneration, a form of blindness, would not hold him down.

The rugged Appalachian trail, stretching across 14 eastern states, has often been attempted but rarely completed in whole. Only about 8,000 hikers have made it through the entire 2,175 mile journey. History records that only five of them were blind.

Trevor, an extreme sports enthusiast prior to the onset of his condition, had his very nervous sister drop him off at the trail’s start point in Georgia. When his guide didn’t show up Trevor was bold enough to ask passing strangers for help navigating the trail. Eventually he found someone willing to guide him through the mountains. Trevor would have the help of many strangers, but his greatest ally was a determined spirit. Injuries and exhaustion dogged him by the end of the hike in Maine. He pushed on and scaled the steep sides of Mount Katahdin, an incredible accomplishment for anyone.

Trevor’s story is a good reminder that when life is difficult the best response is not always to run away. Some times we just need a way to see how strong we really are. Like Trevor, you don’t have to face hardship alone. Contact us, your local agent, today. We can help you on your journey.