Boy’s Best Friend

Dog’s have long been called “man’s best friend.” Austin Foreman’s dog, Angel, has certainly earned the title of “boy’s best friend.”

The 11-year old was moving firewood on his parent’s property in the small town of Boston Bar, British Columbia, when his golden retriever became agitated. She began running around in circles. A cougar soon appeared. Angel intercepted the predator and fought it while Austin ran inside. The local RCMP Constable soon responded to the situation and was able to kill the cougar. Miraculously, Angel survived. The loyal canine is expected to make a full recovery.

Dogs are wonderful animals, but before purchasing one be sure you know about its breed. Some breeds are not insurable through your homeowner or renters policy. Other breeds can be very high maintanence and may be more of a hassle than you originally thought. If you want to know more about this topic, please call us, your local insurance agency, today.